Frozen heads and feet

Frozen heads and feet


Frozen heads and feet 10 x 1kg

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CC Chickens Abattoir HT 4/25P

Document Number: Spec 16.19.1 Issue Number: 001
Created By: I. Hattingh
Issue Date: 13.02.2017 Revision Date: 29.01.2019
Approval Date: 13.02.2017 Approval (Abattoir Manager) A. van den Berg

Product code DO53
Product description Frozen heads and feet 10 x 1kg
Processing Heads and feet are removed from the carcass, washed, packed and chilled, stored and dispatched at -12°C or less.
Ingredients Chicken heads and feet
Intended use The product is intended for consumption after proper cooking
Shelf life 12 months at -12°C or less from production date
Packaging Product is packed in plastic bag and boxed
Labelling Product name, Product code, Mass, Barcode, Expiry date, Batch Number, Ingredients, Company contact details, Physical Address, Country of Origin.
Traceability Invoice Number, Expiry Date


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